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It's alive, it's alive,

As far as labs go, Battle is more craft beer and crayons than electrodes and test tubes – but like any mad scientist, we get bouncy and wild-eyed when we see our creations come to life.

Most clients come to Battle to create, reinvigorate, or steward a powerful brand. A brand that will inspire both customers and employees, ignite sales, and endure the test of time. Great brands are born of uncommon creativity and as such we put the creative function at the top of our priorities. It is our most valuable commodity, where we derive the most satisfaction, and the greatest gift we can give our clients.

Battle is a different type of agency. We shun buzzwords. You'll find no smoke and mirrors in our halls. We are small enough to pivot and big enough to make noise. We give our time freely – we believe in relationships, in speaking with our clients, in knowing them as people as well as colleagues.


We have found that by following very simple rules of thumb, we can ensure client satisfaction and agency integrity: Never promise more than you can deliver, but always deliver more than you promise. Be fair. Be communicative. Be honest. Let your work speak for itself.

Team Battle

Adam Executive Creative Director
Annie Graphic Designer
Carlos Motion Artist
Erick Manager of Interactive Services
Gabby Motion Artist
Jake Online Marketing Specialist
Jesus Senior Motion Artist
Kristel Director of Operations
Masaaki 3D Modeler
Michael Senior Partner
Naty Senior Designer
Oscar Art Director
Shawn Web Developer & Designer
Rod Technology Director / Techsplorer
Gonzalo UI Designer
Fernanda Account Manager
Vit Web Developer & Designer
Sofia Senior Designer
Battle Bot


Check out the new ad campaign we recently created for AirBurners! #airburners #environment #wasteadvantage #environmentallyfriendly #3d #copywriting...
@BattleMedialab Aug 17, 2021
At Battle Media Lab, the constant threat of a hostile alien invasion is at the forefront of our minds. That’s why we periodically like to remind and r...
@BattleMedialab Aug 6, 2021
Thursday is the new Friday. Here’s an illustration to brighten your day. . . . #instaart #art #digitalart #aftereffects #illustrator #wacom #cintiq #...
@BattleMedialab Mar 11, 2021
Last fall we got the chance to collaborate with the team at Corvee to build their new website, a complete rebrand. Here's a quick walkthrough of the s...
@BattleMedialab Feb 25, 2021
Make magic everyday, try new things and maybe step away from the screens for a little. Swipe 👉🏽 to see part of the process. . . #battlemedialab #ad...
@BattleMedialab Feb 5, 2021
Happy New Year from our team at Battle! #newyear #2021 #battlemedialab #advertisingagency #digitalmarketing #graphicdesign #digitalagency #webdesign ...
@BattleMedialab Jan 4, 2021
Battle is excited to have partnered with TEDxMiami to put together a FREE virtual TEDx event. Experts, storytellers, artists. . . all focused on clima...
@BattleMedialab Nov 5, 2020
Battle is full of fun, creative people from all walks of life. We also know how important it is for our voices to be heard and that's why we vote! 🤘🇺🇸...
@BattleMedialab Nov 3, 2020
Happy Halloween! Got any favorite vampire flicks for the season? Some of ours include... Fright Night, Lost Boys, What We Do in the Shadows, Vampire’s...
@BattleMedialab Oct 27, 2020
Let’s CARVE out some fun this Halloween! 🐱🎃 . . . #halloweek #halloween #framebyframe #photoshop #design #hola #battlemedialab #advertisingagency #br...
@BattleMedialab Oct 26, 2020
We love finding creative ways to present our client's visions! Here is a render created to display the inner workings of an electric vehicle. 🚘⚡ . . ....
@BattleMedialab Jul 22, 2020
We recently wrapped up this awesome 3D explainer for the American Higher Education Alliance. A collaborative team effort and so much fun! . . . #digit...
@BattleMedialab Jul 16, 2020

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