Transferring and sharing files can sometimes be needlessly complicated, especially when you are working with clients around the world. For Battle, finding ways to lessen the perceived distance between our offices and Los Angeles, London, or Munich, is an ongoing challenge. We thought, “there has to be a better way of sharing bits and bytes with clients in a presentable manner.”

We started by using CloudApp, a super-easy and simple way to share files and links. The problem with CloudApp was that sharing multiple files was a tedious process. After a few months of being content with CloudApp, we came across another contender on the web: Dropmark.

Similar in concept to CloudApp, Dropmark allows you to easily share files over the web by simply clicking and dragging. Basically, you select the file or files you would like to share and drag them over the program icon in the menu bar. It’s dead simple collaboration in the Cloud!

One of the most impressive features of Dropmark is its ability to create collections. Collections are a series of images, videos, websites, etc., packaged into a single page with a URL. By default, this URL is locked and made private for security, but you can easily modify privacy settings and make it shareable with anyone with an Internet connection.

Perhaps the most whiz-bang part of a collection is that if you have multiple files, Dropmark automatically creates an easy and intuitive slideshow. Imagine the time savings you’d realize by being able to quickly preview files. Dropmark also allows for custom URLs, for example

The dark side of the Dropmark cloud, is that the slideshows are not currently “themable,” but we hope this will be addressed in the near future. Although it is a solution still in its infancy, Dropmark is already helping ease collaboration – both internally at Battle and with our clientele abroad.

So…check it out at or @dropmark

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