Imagine you’re on a fantastic Royal Caribbean cruise ship – soaking in the sun poolside and pondering the countless recreational opportunities onboard. You can try your luck at a hand of blackjack in the casino. Enjoy a glass of Caymus at the wine bar. Go ice-skating. Play golf. Hmmm. How about attending a lecture series on the corporate history of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines? Screech. OK, we can almost see your brain atrophying.

So, how do you make history sizzle? Animate it. “The Royal Story” is a lecture series that provides cruise guests with an inside look at Royal Caribbean International; its early years, steady climb to industry prominence, and its vision for the future. The “Royal Story” is actually interesting in its own right, but when set against a background of Battle animation magic, it’s damn near entertaining.

Team Battle recently braved the open seas onboard Enchantment of the Seas to work with RCI’s team of presenters and techies to install the first in a series of Battle-created animation walls for the lecture series. Apart from it looking visually stunning, initial guests seem incredibly engaged, walking away impressed and dripping with yummy RCI knowledge.